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NCSOA Uniform policy

Effective Jan 1st, 2019


The purpose of the NCSOA Uniform Policy is to maintain a professional look while officiating High School Games.  If NCSOA officials maintain a sharp, consistent appearance in every game, it will be easier to expect the same from teams and coaches.


Style and Requirements

  • Only new style USSF style Jerseys shall be worn.
  • Old style jerseys are not allowed to be worn (thick stripes or thin stripes).
  • Referees are required to have the new OSI style long-sleeve jerseys in yellowred green.
  • If all referees working a game have new USSF style black or blue jerseys, they may be worn.

Sleeve Length

  • Referees are not required to have any short sleeve jerseys, but may wear them if they so choose.
  • Long sleeve undershirts may not be worn underneath a short sleeve jersey.
  • The sleeve lengths of the referee jerseys do not have to match between crew members (meaning one ref may wear long sleeves and another short sleeves).


Referees should wear one of the following combinations:

  • All black soccer referee shorts with soccer referee socks
  • All black tights with black referee shorts & soccer referee socks on top of tights
  • Non-baggy all-black athletic pants.

Socks & Shoes

  • If socks are visible, they shall be the two stripe style socks.
  • All black or nearly-all black shoes should be worn (black shoes with white accents or logos are acceptable)

Headwear, Gloves & Rain Gear

  • Referees may wear an all-black cap or beanie.  A small, non-distracting, manufacturer's logo is acceptable.
  • Referees may wear all black or nearly all black gloves are allowed when the referee is wearing a long-sleeve Jersey.
  • Rain Jackets or Ponchos, if worn, shall be worn under the jersey.

Equipment Requirements

Each official shall bring the following to each game regardless of the position assigned:

    • Whistle
    • Red and Yellow Misconduct Cards
    • Assistant Referee Flags
    • Something to write on and something to write with (Book, Card, Report, Pen, Pencil, etc)
    • Flipping Coin
    • Digital Watch

Examples of acceptable equipment


USSF New Style Long Sleeve Jersey.  Black hat with non-distracting logo.

Two Stripe Socks and primarily black shoes with white accents

Examples of non-acceptable equipment

Black Pants must be ALL black.  Black beanies must be all black with only a small, non-distracting logo.

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